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We know that as adult students the idea of an internship may be daunting! But don't fret. You can fulfill this option by finding something that suits your location, your schedule, your life! Completing and internship as an adult student probably will look a bit different than you think. Think outside the box, your internship does not have to happen over the summer, in your senior year, or even during traditional hours. Please contact the instructor to have the applicability of an internship opportunity reviewed and approved.

Finding an internship may be easier than you think. Keep your eyes and ears open and spread the word that you're looking for an opportunity. If there's a company or organization nearby that you'd like to work for, contact them and let them know that you're interested in an internship; just because they haven't posted anything doesn't mean that they don't need your help! Look within your own company for opportunities as well. Perhaps another department or division could use someone with your education and expertise!

Feel free to visit the internship course website in order to learn more about the internship requirements and the course expectations.

There is a possibility that you have prior learning experience that may fulfill the internship requirements. Please fill out our questionnaire, whether you think you have experience or not, and then contact the instructor to discuss your options! You may be eligible to apply to have the internship requirements; you can read more about that on the Credit waive application page.

Finding and securing an internship is each student's responsibility, but there are a few resources available to help:

ESP Program Office website

Job and internship information is posted on the "Jobs and Internships" section of the Program Office website. The newest positions will be posted along the right hand side on the homepage, but you can see all positions that have been posted by choosing the "Resources" button on the top navigation menu, then choosing "Job & Internship News"

You can also visit the "Job Planning and Opportunities" page for some links to organizations that may be offering jobs or internships.

World Campus Career Services

World Campus Career Services office may be able to assist you in finding an internship. Visit the Career Services website to learn more!

World Campus Virtual Internships

World Campus has partnered with employers to offer virtual internships. You can learn more about those opportunities by visiting the Virtual Career Development and Internship Program webpage.

Other resources

American Wind Energy Association

Community Energy

Energy Trust of Oregon

Environment America


Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Kalu Yala

Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance

LionLink Networking Database

Nittany Lion Career Network

Penn State Center Pittsburgh



PSU Dept of Meteorology

Sustainable Energy Fund

Virtual Student Foreign Service

Six Tips to Secure an Intership