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Capstone Projects

ESP students are required to take EME 466, Energy and Sustainability in Society, as a capstone course to the program. Students complete a capstone project in which they are asked to make a case for, or against a policy, action, plan or proposal in the public arena that is of interest to the student and relevant to energy and sustainability policy. The completed videos to date are below, check them out!

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Jacob Brett


Kayla Kalinoski


Karolina Powell


Mike Reichart


John Tarley


Prior Semesters

Sean McCarthy


Kenneth Hellberg


Jonathan Barnes


Anna Sanders


Liston Jackson


Jael Sims


James Martin


Anastasiya Klimovich


Beth Calehuff


Bret Cole


James Facciolla


Amy Johnson


Marielle Martin


Theo Sowah


Eli Roth


Rob Fulton


Danielle Deboer


Michael Pittman


Abby Watson


Mark Mulhollem


Ronald Cole


Evert Duarte


Bethany Steiner


Mark Staub


Michael Lord


Vanessa White


Todd Venetz