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The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Energy and Sustainability Policy require the same 68 credits of prescribed and additional ESP coursework and 20 (or 17*) additional General Education credits. This common coursework is described below. The remaining requirements are specific to each degree. These requirements are described on the ESPBA and ESPBS pages.

The chart below is provided for planning purposes and illustrates when core classes in the ESP program are typically offered. It's important for you to know that not all of your classes are offered each semester, and you should work closely with your adviser to make sure your plans fit with the realities of scheduling.

If you have any questions about course availability or planning your schedule, please contact your academic adviser. For a complete list of semester scheduling dates, see the World Campus Academic Calendar.

Need Help Scheduling?

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  • For a complete list of semester scheduling dates, see World Campus Academic Calendar.
  • If you have questions or need help planning your schedule, please contact your academic adviser, of course!
ESP Prescribed Courses (62 credits) and Scheduled World Campus Offerings
Note: The information below is subject to change
COURSE Spring Summer Fall
CAS 100 Effective Speech Available Available Available
EBF 200 Intro to Energy & Earth Sciences Economics
Prerequisites: ECON 102 and MATH 22 or equivalent
      - Available -

ECON 102 Intro to Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
*check in with your adviser to discuss your readiness for this math intensive course; you should be comfortable with skills covered in MATH 21.

Available Available Available

ECON 104 Intro to Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
*check in with your adviser to discuss your readiness for this math intensive course; it is recommended that you complete ECON 102 before ECON 104.

Available Available Available
EGEE 102 Energy Conservation Available Available Available
EGEE 120 Oil: International Evolution Available - Available
EGEE 299 Foreign Studies or EGEE 495 Internship - Contact adviser to find out how to schedule these courses. Available Available Available
EGEE 401 Energy in a Changing World
Prerequisites: EGEE 101 or EGEE 102 or CHEM 112
Available Available -
EME 444 Global Energy Enterprise
Prerequisites: EGEE 102, EGEE 120, ECON 104
       - - Available

EME 466 Energy and Sustainability in Society (Capstone Course)
Prerequisites: GEOG 30N, GEOG 432 and CAS 100
Complete last semester; recommended lighter course load

Available Available Available
EMSC 302 Orientation to ESP Available Available Available
EMSC 240N Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Society Available Available Available

ENGL 15 Rhetroic and Composition

Available Available Available

ENGL 202D Effective Writing - Business Writing
Prerequisites: ENGL 15 or ENGL 30; fourth-semester standing

Available Available Available
GEOG 30N Environment and Society in a Changing World Available Available Available

GEOG/EME 432 Energy Policy
Prerequisites: EBF 200, EGEE 120, PLSC 490

Available -


GEOG 438W Human Dimensions of Global Warming
Prerequisites: EARTH 2 , GEOG 10 or METEO 3; GEOG 30N





GEOG 469 Energy Industry Applications of GIS

GEOG 430 Human Use of Environment

Prerequisites: GEOG 010 or GEOG 020 or GEOG 030 or GEOG 040 or GEOG 130 or permission of the program

Available - -
METEO 3 Intro to Meteorology Available Available Available

METEO 469 Understanding Global Warming
Prerequisites: STAT 200 (recommended) or MATH 110

Available - -
PLSC 1 Introduction to American National Government Available Available Available

PLSC 490 Policy Making and Evaluation
Prerequisites: PLSC 1, PLSC 2, or PUBPL 304W

Available - Available
STAT 200 Elementary Statistics
Prerequisites: MATH 4 or completion/placement into MATH 21 or higher
Available Available Available

*Scheduling Notes:

  • EME 466 requires consultation with the course instructor, Brandi Robinson before enrolling. 
  • While EGEE 299 and 495 are available any semester, they each require student consultation with adviser for approval; students are responsible for finding their own foreign studies or internship experiences.


Specific scheduling dates for individual courses can be found using the World Campus Course Catalog. The schedule information provided below is subject to change.



ESP students fulfill 3 credits of either Foreign Studies or Internship. This requirement can be done at any point and there are many options available, suitable to a student's individual circumstances. To get the ball rolling, complete our Prior Learning Experience Questionnaire. For more detail, visit EGEE 299 Foreign Studies and EGEE 495 Internship course sites. Read an article about the experiences of previous ESP students while completing their internship and study abroad experiences on Penn State Live.

The Gilman Scholarship Program

Interested in studying/interning abroad, but worried about the cost? Scholarships can allow students who might not participate otherwise due to financial constraints to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of studying abroad. The Gilman Scholarship Program can give students the chance to study abroad without having a large financial burden. To be considered, you must be a United States Citizen receiving Federal Pell Grants and studying abroad for at least four weeks in a single location. You can find more information by visiting or


To search for courses that meet the Gen Ed designations listed below (GN, GQ, GHA, GA, GH), visit the World Campus Course Catalogue and choose the "Find a Specific Course" tab. You can then search by the semester and the Gen Ed requirement needed.

ESP General Education Requirements (20 or 17 credits*)
Gen Education Requirements Credits
Natural Sciences (GN) 3
Quantification (GQ) 2
Health and Physical Activity (GHA) 3
Arts (GA) 3
Humanities (GH) 3
Arts or Humanities (GA or GH) 3

*With application of the Move 3 Substitution, ESP students may choose to use an additional 3 GS credits (already required for the major) in place of 3 credits of GA or GH. Please talk with your academic adviser for details.