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Credit waive application information


It is possible that the learning that you have experienced while living and/or working abroad may qualify you to have the Internship/study abroad requirement waived.


If you have been in contact with Haley Sankey regarding the potential submission of a waive application, AND you have discussed the implications of waiving credits with your adviser, please proceed.

If you have done none of the above, please:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire located here.
  2. Email Haley to let her know that you've completed the questionnaire.
  3. Email your adviser to discuss your credit totals (120 credits are needed to earn a ESP degree)

If you have been given permission to proceed with the waive application, read the information below carefully:

  • You are only permitted to submit one application for waive, so be sure to follow the directions and address ALL of the prompts.
  • Review the rubric provided to better understand how your application will be scored. You must adequately that the learning you experienced meets/exceeds the learning that would have taken place had you completed an internship/study abroad experience and the related coursework.Be sure to dedicate sufficient time and effort to the essay and adequately prove why you think your prior learning experience meets/exceeds that which would have happened if you had completed the associated coursework.
  • The waive application will be reviewed by ESP Leadership and scored using a rubric. You must score a ____ in order for the waive to be approved.
  • If your application is denied, you will need to find an alternative way to fulfill the EGEE 299/495 requirement for the ESP degree.
  • Your essay must be well written (minimal grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors) and thorough, adequately addressing the prompts provided.

Step 1:
Contact the Karen Armstrong at the Student Services office to:

  • Establish a timeline for draft and final submissions
  • Provide Karen with a complete and well written draft of your responses to the 5 prompts attached.
  • Implement the changes Karen suggests ensuring your best chance of waive approval.

NOTE: Karen is not included in the waive application approval process; she has offered to assist you in compiling a convincing body of work demonstrating a legitimate waive request. You may submit an application without Karen's review, however waive applications that utilize Karen's input are more likely to get approved.

Karen's contact info is: 814-863-7018 or

Step 2:
Complete the application by submitting:

  1. The completed essay questions provided for either
    • EGEE 299 Study abroad or
    • EGEE 495 Internship
  2. A completed verification form.
  3. A reference that can confirm that the information you supplied regarding your experience is correct/truthful.
  4. Any other documentation that you feel will help strengthen your case to have the course requirement waived.

If you would like to complete the credit by portfolio process, so that you still gain credits for the experience, that is also a possibility. Contact your adviser asking for more information if you'd like to pursue earning credits for your experience.