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Poetry Competition for World Campus Students

Dual Identities: Sharing Your Story

Interested in sharing your World Campus story? How does your identity as a student intersect with other important roles in your life? Submit a poem or short story that highlights the different roles you have as a student.

Stories and poems can be inspired by what it means to you to be a parent and a student, a spouse and a student, a son/daughter and a student, or an employee and a student.

Poetry submission:

  • Each student can submit one poem.
  • Poems must be 20 lines or fewer, written in any style.
  • The poem must be an unpublished original work.

Short Story submission:

  • Each student can submit one short story, fiction or non-fiction, that speaks to the larger theme of multiple identities told from the perspective of a World Campus student.
  • The short story can be written in any style and can range in length from 1,500 to 3,000 words.
  • The short story must be an unpublished original work. 

Submit your poem or short story by Friday, July 21 to Two students will be selected and their submissions will be featured on the World Campus Blog.