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Sustainability Research Intern

Location: Remote

The WSTP group is offering an opportunity for industrious, creative, and determined entrepreneurs to join the venture as we build our audience, onboard strategic partners, and develop revenue channels including affiliate marketing, paid virtual events and a subscription platform. You'll be working alongside the leadership team and facilitating relationships with 3rd party vendors, freelance journalists, data-scientists and strategic partners.

This role is open for candidates with a range of experiences, and we will tailor the specific responsibilities accordingly. For the right candidate, there is the potential to graduate from part time advisor/intern to full time employee, including an equity option package. We are a pre-revenue start-up and currently do not offer financial compensation. In the fall we will launch a campaign to raise a seed round; this is your opportunity to get in the ground floor.  


TLDR, Job Function and Focus:

  • Collect data on the sustainability performance of big fashion brands through publicly available sources. (you will be working with our colleagues to learn what data is desired and how to look for them in a systematic way.)
  • Help draw a clear picture on the sustainability issues in Fashion Industry and how are the industrial giants doing in addressing these problems, are they truly trying to fix the problem they created or merely greenwashing?
  • Attend in the next stage of Sustainability scorecard system development. Work with our team in adjusting sustainability index and survey questions.

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