Energy and Sustainability Policy
Program Office

Energy Specialist


Office of Environmental & Energy Coordination

Location:  Fairfax, VA


Conducts research and analysis on energy use, projects, issues, activities, and policies to support the general work of the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination (OEEC). Specific duties include:

  • Assists the Senior Energy Analyst in monitoring, analyzing and evaluating county government energy data with the goal of reducing energy use and utility costs as described in the county's Operational Energy Strategy.
  • Uses software such as EnergyCAP to track and report on energy use in county government buildings.
  • Collaborates closely with other county agencies to collect data, observe useful trends, and improve data processes.
  • Creates complex graphs, dashboards, and reports to provide information to the OEEC, county departments, the Board of Supervisors, and the public on energy use and energy efficiency projects.
  • Performs a variety of fact-finding techniques (e.g., interview, case analysis, observation, research, benchmarking) to gather information related to county energy use.
  • Aggregates and assimilates data to identify major patterns, trends and themes regarding energy use and cost.
  • Assists the Senior Energy Analyst in identifying and tracking energy efficiency upgrade projects in county facilities.
  • Supports other OEEC initiatives, including those related to greenhouse gas emissions, clean energy, outreach, community planning, and resiliency.
  • This position works under the direction of the Senior Energy Analyst in the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination.
Note: The assigned functional areas of this position are energy efficiency, energy management, and data analysis.


Illustrative Duties

(The illustrative duties listed in this specification are representative of the class but are not an all-inclusive list. A complete list of position duties and unique physical requirements can be found in the position description.)

  • Performs a wide-range of professional work in multiple administration functions within an organizational unit including analysis and project management;
  • May supervise administrative and paraprofessional staff;
  • Performs a variety of technical and professional work related to monitoring and reporting on departmental business processes, activities, and outcomes;
  • Plans, develops, and implements comprehensive communication and education plans on programs and services for both county agencies and community organizations;
  • Assists with developing and conducting special studies and research initiatives, by designing survey instruments, gathering data and information from department staff, developing data analysis tools, conducting statistical analyses, initiating literature reviews, etc.;
  • Conducts analysis and reporting of quantitative and qualitative data in order to track and monitor various business process indicators;
  • Serves as the point-person and liaison within the department and with central county departments regarding a designated program and functional areas of responsibility;
  • Prepares reports and presentations of analysis and findings.

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