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Solar Technician


SunBlue Energy

Location:  Westchester, NY

SunBlue Energy designs and installs solar energy systems for homes and businesses in and around Westchester County. We are dedicated to quality work and are looking to grow our team with reliable, adept solar installers who are comfortable with roof work and come to work with enthusiasm for completing the job at hand. 


This position is for a solar technician who can perform all tasks needed to complete a photovoltaic system installation.


Pulling inventory for each installation job

Pre-assemble job components in the warehouse

Layout and assembly of solar modules / array and mounting hardware

Mechanical/structural mounting of racking, modules and electrical equipment

Electrical wiring of solar array/system (AC and DC)

Document completion of completed installation

Clean up of job site

Attend mandatory training sessions on new products, installation methodology and safety

Additional duties required as needed

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