Energy and Sustainability Policy
Program Office

Electric Mobility Associate


Location:  New Delhi, India

Job Summary

this role, you will coordinate and lead research projects, stakeholder outreach, and on-the-ground support on several topics within electric mobility. Your work will include coordinating teams in multiple geographies, as well as supporting the overall program's objective of helping transform how cities are built, managed, and used, to make them compact, connected, coordinated, and resilient.

You will serve as the Electric Mobility team’s lead on electrification projects that relate to all aspects of traditional sustainable mobility objectives (which is encapsulated in WRI’s “Avoid-Shift-Improve” model). You will develop and better define this area of practice and generally serve as the point person for this topic on WRI’s Electric Mobility team. You will work closely with the Urban Mobility team at WRI and other relevant staff to help bridge internal and external discrepancies regarding the role of electric vehicles in sustainable transportation goals.

You will assist provide research, data analysis, modeling, and outreach support. Of particular importance, you will provide project management and be responsible for serving as project leads, managing junior staff, and helping in fundraising efforts. Your area of focus will center on understanding and promoting the nexus between electric mobility and traditional sustainable mobility (including how electric mobility can promote land-use policies, modal shift, active transportation, and road safety).


Main areas of responsibility will include, but not be limited to, the following:


  • Coordinating on all projects and research related to all aspects of the “avoid-shift-improve” framework
  • Managing junior staff in both official and unofficial capacities
  • Liaising with WRI Ross Center international offices (especially India, China, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey) to ensure project coordination
  • Coordinating with subgrantees and local partners (especially in Vietnam)

Research and Knowledge

  • Leading, participating, and/or coordinating all research related to the application of electric mobility to the “avoid-shift-improve” framework
  • Conducting environmental and financial data collection, verification and visualization, and qualitative and quantitative analysis using modeling and visualization software
  • Authoring written and graphic content for publications, reports, papers, and presentations
  • Reviewing knowledge products written by external authors (i.e. not part of the Electric Mobility team)
  • Leading and contributing to the production of blogs, reports, and other informational content
  • Participating in monthly team research activities on a variety of topics


  • Creating content from proposals and concept notes, including deliverables, timelines, and budgets
  • Contributing to fundraising efforts
  • Attending various external functions and events, as relevant, to serve as a representative of WRI’s Electric Mobility team
  • Representing the Electric Mobility team in WRI meetings
  • Organizing internal and external meetings, workshops, conferences, and other dissemination activities

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