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Independent Power Systems

Location:  Boulder, CO


The PV & Service Technician is responsible for all technical support, troubleshooting and service-related issues. This individual will support all IPS staff including; electricians, installers, sales reps, and operations personnel by providing technical PV expertise. He/she will work closely with the Service Coordinator to execute all necessary service and installation needs.


  • Technical programming and research for inverter and system electronics.
  • Must have a great understanding of electrical troubleshooting.
  • Must have the ability to use technical instruments to complete extensive troubleshooting and provide real-time reporting documentation.
  • The PV Technician will be responsible to conduct job site walks to gather all necessary information and documentation to complete bid proposals.
  • The PV technician will work directly with the Service Coordinator, Operations Manager and the Installation Manager to complete all required project documentation in a timely manner.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Service Coordinator to develop quotes and parts lists.
  • Complete work according to the scheduled times as planned by IPS personnel in conjunction with the customer.
  • Utilize Service Fusion to track all hours and notes for projects.
  • Billing time to IPS overhead (ie. off-site work) will need to be conducted at the IPS office. This will give us full transparency to align all departments in unison.
  • Transferring all documentation to the Service Coordinator and update Service Coordinator after every service call to ensure the proper steps can be taken to close out projects.
  • Communicate with IPS personnel to review overall workload and schedule priorities.
  • Perform installation work as required by Operations/Install Manager as the service schedule allows.
  • Perform regular operation and maintenance inspection on existing IPS installation.
  • Work with Installation Manager and Service Coordinator to develop service and training documentation to support and develop IPS processes.

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