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Webinar: 15-week Climate Advocacy Training Program (Free)

06/10/2020 - 11:59pm
The deadline to sign up is June 10, 2020.
CCL Climate Advocacy Training Program
To solve the climate crisis, Citizens’ Climate Lobby empowers people to use the tools of democracy to build political will for climate solutions in Congress. Our methods include education on the science, economics, politics, and public awareness surrounding climate change. We meet with Congressional leaders, write letters to the editors of national and local newspapers and attend monthly national conference calls. Most importantly we are action-oriented. Our goal is to match what scientists tell us with practical solutions that can be enacted legislatively.

In the spirit of supporting students while social distancing is in effect, CCL is offering a 15-week Climate Advocacy Training Program for anyone interested in learning and applying CCL’s methods for climate action. No application or prerequisites are necessary to join and there is no cost. The program takes about two hours a week and can easily be done alongside a full-time job or internship. Throughout the summer participants will:

1. Attend CCL’s (virtual) International Conference, June 13-14, 2020.
2. The option to participate in a lobby meeting with the office of a member of Congress.
3. Participate actively in at least nine sessions of CCL’s Core Volunteer Trainings and post in the program’s discussion forum each week about actions, questions, or thoughts inspired by that week’s training.
4. Set up a check-in call with the regional fellow or student engagement coordinator to discuss progress and further involvement.
5. Write and submit a letter-to-the-editor or op-ed to your preferred media outlet.

Participants who successfully complete the program by August 31 will receive CCL’s Certificate of Completion, and if they are enrolled at an institution of higher learning in the fall, receive an invitation to join CCL’s Campus Leaders Program to start a climate campaign or CCL chapter at their school.