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June 1-2: THE ROAD TO REGENERATION (SB Leadership Summit)

06/01/2020 - 12:01am


Join the Sustainable Brands community as we ignite a global discussion and reboot our businesses through brand leadership.  Imagine and create the next economy - an economy built around social equity and regenerative systems - to build a brighter future for our planet.  THIS is where the conversation around brand leadership for a better world begins.

Key Topics

  • What’s Wrong With the World and How Do We Fix It?
  • How Shall We Then Lead?
  • Collaborating for Culture Change
  • The Power of the CMO-CSO Connection
  • The Brands for Good Response

Come together and create the next economy.

  • Learn from experts in biology, human psychology and economics what is wrong with our current economic systems that has led to the kinds of disruptions we face.
  • Hear what leading CEOs are thinking about what leadership will look like on the road ahead.
  • Hear how leading brands are bringing CSR and Sustainability leadership. together with Brand Marketing Leadership to rethink and redesign brand strategy to enable good growth for a better future.
  • Discover how brands can collaborate with media and entertainment influencers to help accelerate culture change in support of a regenerative future.

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