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Mar 20 - Live stream event: Intentionally Disruptive Acts of Artistic Responsibility

03/20/2020 - 4:00pm

Sustainability Showcase: Steve Carpenter


Intentionally Disruptive Acts of Artistic Responsibility

How can socially engaged art practice disrupt systems of oppression? What happens when preconceptions about how to respond to basic human needs are interrupted through unconventional cultural production? This talk will render tangible the global water crisis as a socio-environmental issue through intentionally disruptive acts of artistic responsibility.


The CSL will be hosting eleven Sustainability Showcases this spring to make connections between faculty research, personal and professional interest and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while broadening the discourse surrounding sustainability. Speakers are invited to give a thirty-minute talk, answer questions and hang around to mingle with attendees.

This year, the theme for the showcase series is: The Time is Now.

Events are on Fridays 12 - 1:30 pm, are held in 233AB HUB and include lunch for RSVP'd guests.

Visit the website to rsvp.

To view the lives stream, go to the CSL Facebook page.