Energy and Sustainability Policy
Program Office

Central Region Director, Electricity and Transmission Policy


The Central Region Director, Electricity and Transmission Policy will lead AWEA’s transmission and wholesale electricity markets work with central region grid operators, including consideration of seams issues between RTOs. The focus is to defeat the threats and seize the opportunities to promote policies to expand transmission and benefit wind energy through non-discriminatory wholesale electricity markets, while securing revenue streams to wind farms and facilitating the efficient and affordable integration of wind energy.

This position is expected to maintain and improve workable markets and secure policies to expand transmission as an important part of maximizing the growth of wind energy and supporting the economic operation of existing facilities. The Central Region Director must have the ability to meaningfully guide the policy direction for the wind industry at RTOs and state utility commissions. In addition, the skills and willingness to collaborate with members and generate consensus, create content, the patience to dig into stakeholder processes, the technical expertise to debate and contribute meaningfully to debates over transmission and market design rules, and the willingness and desire to interact with the experts and leadership as needed at RTOs, FERC, NERC, and state public utility commissions are also required.

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