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Credit for Prior Learning

There are different types of Credit for Prior Learning potentially available to you based on your past experiences and cultivated expertise. There is more information on each option below. Work with your adviser to find out which options are applicable to the degree requirements you need to fulfill and how you can pursue them.

  • Credit by Transfer - probably the most widely implemented example of credit for prior learning; learn how coursework you've completed at other universities might fulfill degree requirements for the ESP program
  • Credit by Portfolio Assessment - an opportunity to demonstrate collegiate-level learning gained from experiences outside the classroom
  • Credit by CLEP or DSST Examination - an alternative way to earn credits on your own time and at your own pace, CLEP and DSST exams allow you to study material and take computerized tests when you're ready
  • Credit by Examination - an option for situations in which you feel proficient in a subject area but for whatever reason do not have the credits to fulfill a requirement, you may be able to work with an instructor to take an exam on the subject matter to earn credits as opposed to taking the entire course