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April 17, 2019   11 am – 1 pm HUB Robeson Center at University Park

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Engagement Experience Poster Exhibition

The Engagement Experience Poster Exhibition highlights student achievement in engaged learning. Unlike traditional research posters, this event encourages students to use the 46”x 36” poster format to reflect on and share their  experiences with others. Engagement experiences include internships, study abroad, entrepreneurial ventures, community-based projects, student organizations, professional experiences, creative accomplishments, peer-mentoring, and volunteerism.

Posters in this event must serve as a reflection on the connection of academic preparation to the actions, knowledge or skills that were acquired as a result of the experience; and how the experience changed you or prepared you for your future experiences and positions.

Engagement experience posters focus on the learning that took place within the experience rather than on a description of what was done in the process. Posters should include:

1.     Challenges/Issues/Question in the context of the experience

2.     Tools and Perspectives used in solving that challenge/issue/question

3.     Problem-solving & Evidence-gathering Techniques

4.     Representative Evidence/Figure/Picture showing student impact on the situation

5.     Outcomes & Lessons from Experience

6.     Acknowledgements

7.     Selected references, if used